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Our company provided to ships and their crew while they are in port. These services are essential to ensure the well-being of the vessel and its crew, as well as to facilitate the smooth operations and efficient turnaround of the ship during its port stay. Husbandry services are typically coordinated by port agents or ship agents, who act as intermediaries between the ship and various service providers in the port.

Here are some common husbandry activities:

  1. Crew Services: Husbandry services include arranging crew changes, providing transportation to and from the ship, facilitating crew visa and immigration processes, and assisting with medical needs if required.
  2. Bunkering: Arranging for the supply of fuel (bunkering) to the ship while it is in port. This may involve coordinating with fuel suppliers and ensuring the quality and quantity of fuel delivered.
  3. Fresh Water Supply: Ensuring the availability of freshwater for the ship’s use, including drinking water, cooking, and other sanitary needs.
  4. Provisions: Arranging for the supply of food provisions and other necessary items for the crew’s consumption during their time in port.
  5. Waste Disposal: Coordinating the disposal of ship-generated waste, such as garbage, sewage, and oily water, in accordance with environmental regulations.
  6. Ship Repair and Maintenance: Organizing ship repairs and maintenance services, including dry-docking, hull cleaning, and technical inspections.
  7. Ship Stores: Providing and delivering various ship stores and spare parts required for the vessel’s operation and maintenance.
  8. Custom Clearance: Assisting with customs clearance procedures for the ship’s cargo and equipment.
  9. Cash to Master: Facilitating the delivery of funds (cash to master) for the ship’s expenses while in port.
  10. Transportation and Logistics: Arranging transportation and logistics services for the movement of goods to and from the ship.
  11. Documentation: Handling various documentation related to port operations, crew matters, and cargo.

Husbandry services are crucial for the smooth functioning of ships during their port calls. Port agents work closely with various service providers, authorities, and vendors to ensure that all necessary requirements are met promptly and efficiently. Their role is to coordinate and organize these activities, making sure that the ship’s crew can focus on their operational duties while in port.

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