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Handling vessel Indonesian or foreign flag from all kinds vessel to clearance Inward/Outward from the port, we could make arrangements for Pilotage, bunkering, ship chandler and provide an assisting tug when required and also to assist the ship’s owner when vessel docking in jetty.

Our company  that acts as an intermediary between shipowners, cargo owners, and port authorities to facilitate the smooth operation of maritime transportation and logistics. We play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient handling of vessels, cargoes, and related documentation during port calls and throughout the shipping process.

Here are some key functions and responsibilities of a shipping agency:

  1. Port Representation: Shipping agencies represent shipowners, operators, or charterers in various ports worldwide. They act as the local contact point for the vessel and handle all communication and coordination with port authorities.

  2. Port Clearance: The agency assists in obtaining the necessary clearances and permits required for the ship to enter and leave the port. This includes dealing with customs, immigration, health, and other regulatory authorities.

  3. Cargo Handling: Shipping agencies coordinate with stevedores and terminal operators for cargo loading and unloading operations. They ensure that the cargo is handled efficiently and safely.

  4. Crew Assistance: Shipping agencies provide support to the crew of the vessel, including arranging crew changes, facilitating medical assistance if needed, and handling crew-related matters.

  5. Documentation: They manage and process various documents required for the vessel, crew, and cargo. This includes bills of lading, customs declarations, and other shipping-related paperwork.

  6. Supply and Services: Agencies arrange for various supplies and services required by the vessel, such as fuel, provisions, water, and repair services.

  7. Communication and Reporting: They act as a liaison between the ship and its owners/operators, keeping them informed about the vessel’s status, cargo operations, and any relevant updates during its stay in port.

  8. Financial Settlements: Shipping agencies handle financial transactions related to port services, including payment of port dues, stevedore charges, and other port-related expenses.

  9. Dispute Resolution: In case of any disputes or issues that arise during the port call, the agency may help in resolving them through negotiation and coordination with relevant parties.

Shipping agencies are an integral part of the global shipping industry, and their expertise and local knowledge are essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of goods and vessels across the world’s waterways. They act as a vital link between all stakeholders involved in maritime trade, making sure that operations are carried out in compliance with international regulations and local port requirements.

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